Reconnecting Resistance

Caring for the earth, supporting resistance
A call for sustainable activism- Building networks of resilience

Many of us are deeply affected by the state of our world and wondering whether they can do enough. Maybe you don’t feel capable to face the big challenges that the state of our world presents.
This workshop provides you with a model of sustainable resistance. It will give you ideas on how to support yourself and others socially, emotionally
and physically in the long run.

RecResvoorThe workshop is rooted in Joanna Macy’s deep-ecology work- How to face the mess we’re in without going crazy.
This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to:

– gain deep inspiration and motivation
– share our responses to the present condition of the world
– regain strength and courage to move forward
-practice gratitude
-learn theory and practice about sustainable activism
– learn body techniques based on shiatsu (acupressure practice)
-release stress, tensions and anxiety in the body
– reframe your feelings as a deep connection to the living earth
– receive food and health advice for stressful periods and the colder
winter months
-being together, meeting others and learn from each other
-have delicious vegan biological food from the local land
-celebrate with music and camp fire
-participate in the council of all beings

Mara and Irene will facilitate this workshop.Both participated in trainings with Joanna Macy and have extensive experience in facilitating the work that reconnects.

Irene: has a background in environmental and human rights activism and has been running a health practice (shiatsu, EFT, diet) in Brussels for the past eight years. She has lived with diverse eco villages across the US and Canada, part of the global ecovillage network.
Mara: works as social educator, is engaged in grass roots activism and has
followed courses in eco village design, permaculture and dragon dreaming,
including a training for trainers in sustainable activism. She has lived in
off grid communities.

The workshop will take place Close to a biological estate, we will have the possibility to get a tour from the gardeners, to see where our food comes from.

It starts Saturday 10.00 till Sunday 17.00 including a sleep-over.

It’s also possible to only join the Sunday from 10.00-17.00 !!

Write an email for more information or to sign-up for the workshop

-Learning to love the critical times we’re living in.-