Beehive storytelling


Get inspired by the wonderfull drawings of the beehive collective and get skilled to tell the story about coal-mining and climate-chaos yourself.  Workshop 20-22 November, Nijmegen

This winter COP21 is happening in Paris, the best way to reduce CO2 emissions is to stop with mining and burning coal. We have to make clear why we have to leave fossil fuels in the ground and how a transition could look like. Storry-telling could help us with that!

We have the big banners (3-6 meter) and would like get the story to travel here. Let’s use this great visualisation and make the use of  coal a story of the past!

This interactiv-workshop is specially for storytellers, organizers, networkers, researchers, artists, activists and teachers in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries. Who want’s to get engaged, think with us and starting a collective.


Program, in progress:
Friday: (19.30-22.00 open for everyone- happening at grotebroek )

Saturday: (sign-up before)
– we will learn more about the details in the picture
– practise how you can tell your story, connecting the details to the European context
– learn about campaigning using storytelling
– sharing creative tools; like theatre, poem, arts & songs to make storytelling even better

– making plans how to use the banner and do the story-telling here!

Costs: We try to keep the costs low, but ask you to pay your own food + donation for the locations and trainers-travelcosts.
Location: We’re looking for a place in Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Sign up: send an mail to: cre-act(at) or


The true costs of coal graphic tells the story of mountaintop removal coal mining, a highly destructive practice that blasts ancient mountains into toxic moonscapes to fuel the ever-growing global demand for electricity. This banner reflects the complexity of the struggles for land, livelihood, and self-determination playing out in the most biodiverse temperate forests of Appalachia, U.S.A

This visually graphic is made by the beehive-collective and serves as a multi-tool for activists and other folks seeking real solutions to energy extraction and climate change. We are all impacted by coal, and we all play a part in the system that demands coal as fuel. Using coal is a human and ecological drama. The True Cost of Coal graphics is helping more people share stories, find their place in the big picture, and take action to build a just and ecologically sound future.

This story is not from far away, the Appalachian coal is one place on coal where we get our energy from. The Netherlands is one of biggest harbours who imports this dirty coal. Our society is addicted to cheap fossil fuels, but we have reduce radically the CO2 emissions before 2020.

This graphic will help us to make the complex story visible, break it down in clear examples, with personal stories, showing actual situations, mobilizing for resistance and create images for hopeful visions of transition.

De workshop zal voornamelijk in het engels zijn! We willen het verhaal vertalen naar het Nederlands en linken aan de Nederlandse context.