When living Life

I feel connected, when I am living life!

If the days are filled with nice moments, you did not expect,
but are giving exactly what you wished for.

Maybe you miss a bus, but that is why you met a friend you did not see for a long time.
Maybe you do not get a hitchhike, but that is why you find a beautiful place at the lake to sleep.

Or you visit people, who are working on a project and it is the same idea you had as well.
Or you read an article, and it is giving answers to the questions you had in your mind.

If I find lost materials in the streets, to create with this a piece of art.
If I bring people together who have same plans.

While playing music that speaks without knowing borders.
While enjoying the creativity which can realize all our imaginations.

That is when I feel connected.

Just smelling, the flowers of the blooming trees, in springtime.
Just touching, the wet grass with bare feet, in summer.
Just watching, the leafs spinning around in the wind, in autumn.
Just breathing, the cold air which blows trough the sky, in wintertime.

When I notice how seasons change the view of the world.
When we share visions, about the future of the world.

That is when I feel one.

It is then, when life gives gifts.
It is like, finding a pullover when you are cold.
Or meeting a warmhearted person when you are feeling down.

It is like having the feeling something is moving.
People getting aware about the situation of the world and
start acting, start connecting, start taking back their lives.

And you’re on the good  way,

because the things just come to you and are just happening around us.

When you have freedom.
If the days are not filled with work or external responsibilities.
You are free and take responsibility for the things that are important for life.

Free of pressure of having more or being better.
It is a travel, a big journey, a challenge in this present world.

To dare to live outside of boundaries,
who are taken for granted, like if there is only this.

But there are other paths, to been walked upon.

Other ways of living life.
By giving life to the ones,
the things, around us.

If we let these ones grow.
Not owning anything.
Not controlling everything.
If we let these things flow.

And that is when I know you could feel the same.
One dream, who wants to see the daylight.

Catalunya- May 2010 – Mara