I’m a drop of water

I’m a drop of water, sitting in an empty riverbed.
Surrounded by dry rocks and the roots of a tree that are graving deep to find me.
I would like to refresh you, but we became so few, hiding bellow in the ground.
The desert took over and covered my belonging.

I’m a drop of water, together we flood in big waves.
We ride through man-made land, you can’t control.
We don’t want to engulf you, but you’ve made it this way.
The oceans are empty and my clearness is polluted.

Please see me, I’m a drop of water, without me there is no life.
My desire is to flow freely and supply you with nectar to thrive.

I’m a drop of water, with enough time to shape the earth.
I encourage you, to look at me, to follow my path and come into the stream

It’ s a matter of drops to regenerate the land.
Plant trees to store my drops and break pavements so I can be absorbed
Let the rivers meander, build bridges, make swales and find forking streams

If you don’t see the power of a drop, you never have been thirsty.
If you complain about the rain, you have never grown your own food.

You are able to change my temperature, but gravity will lead my path.
Please let me be the drop of water, who awakes you up.

Go to the empty riverbeds, fill them with drops of tears for everything what will be lost.
Than take a jump into it and feel the wildness of water bringing you to your well.
Action will nourish us both.

I’m a lonely drop, bring me to the water, so all life will get to flow.

Written in an empty riverbed of Catalunya/Spain Summer 2015